Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 months old

Look who turned 6 months old on Monday!

"Who me?"

Yeah, you!! You little cutie pa-too-ti!

Getting feisty with Mr. Bear

How cute is my girl?

What an incredibly sweet and layed back baby Eden is! When she smiles, she smiles with her whole body and her eyes get all squinty. It makes my day!

Here are a few things to remember:

-You LOVE your jumper and you pretty much smile the whole time you're in there.

-You've become very intrigued by the pets in our life especially Rollo

-You are VERY touchy and particular about any touching on your face or head - especially your nose.

-You are a quiet little girl. You don't "talk" much at all except when you're about to fuss and right before you fall asleep. The presleep talking is adorable and we finally got it on video the other day. It's especially cute when you've already closed your eyes and continue to moan and scold.

-Still loving the swaddle and being bounced! We've always known that you love to be sung to but we've newly discovered that it is the best way to get you to calm down. I always start with "Hush-a-bye" and you will stop crying to listen.... no ones ever loved my singing more. Daddy's loves singing the Beatles.

-You LOVE watching your big sister Claire and yall are so cute together.

-You started eating rice cereal and oatmeal and you can't get enough! You are getting very interested in the food that's on our plates too.

-You are showing signs of teething but I'm not positive yet. You do better with oragel when your cry sounds like it's out of pain. You drool and chew your hand constantly and you LOVE your ice teether from Mike and Heather! I think I feel or see something on your top left but it seems too far back to be a first tooth.... time will tell.

-You started sitting up all by yourself right before you turned 6 months. Here are some pics when you were trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

And one more that was too cute - still not too sure!

I couldn't help but post this one! Eden sporting her new bathing suit but she hasn't gone swimming yet. The water was too cold for babies when we wore our suit for a swimming party.

Eden~ You amaze me EVERY day and I can't believe how fast you are growing and changing. I want you to be my little baby forever! Can't wait to see what you will learn this month!


Dinfurch said...

If you ever need to leave Eden, I will take her! She has the sweetest smile, I could just squeeze her!!! 6 months already??? Whewww, time goes by too fast!

Dixie said...

She is too cute!

I'm glad I got to see you're beautiful family this past Sunday.

Have a great week