Sunday, June 7, 2009

More firsts

On Wednesday, Eden had her taste of real food - Avocado! She couldn't get enough of the green goo! I'm so glad she likes it because I love to have it in the house for salads, etc. but don't always use a whole one. Today she moved onto peas and ate that right up too. I had the video going for both so I could get a funny expression but nope! This girl knows that she is growing up, moving on and loving the stuff we're eating!

Along with a lot of first foods comes Eden's first real poopy diapers - oh, I'll miss those breast milk only diapers! She's also had a hard time with her system adjusting so we will introduce prunes this week. Poor thing

Eden went swimming for the first time this week! We went to Crystal's apartment pool on Friday for the momentous occasion. Eden didn't like it too much but Claire has seemed to turn into a fish this year! She still doens't want her head in the water but at least she will get in on her own now. I think the water was a little too cold for Eden but we will be trying it a lot more now that our neighborhood pool is open.

Ready to go and protecting that Lily white head!

Crystal and Claire
Not liking it too much but Daddy was comforting her

As posted earlier this week, our girl is now sleeping without her swaddle. It has been rough for nap time but over night has been ok considering the big change. She cries out a lot more and usually wakes up pretty good at least one more time. I know it will get better and it will be better for her overall! Now we don't have to make sure we carry it with us if we go out - that was getting annoying!

Now that the swaddle is gone, Eden has found her thumb. It's her way to self soothe since she won't take a paci and I'm trying to just lay her down to sleep on her own. Not sure if it will stick but it's helped with the transition so far.

Here are a few cute pics I couldn't resist posting!

A little too small but it was just a quick rinse off!

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Aubrey said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. I can't even imagine Lyla being that big soon. Man times flies. I haven't attempted putting Lyla down while to sleep yet. I still rock her until she falls asleep. I know the day is coming when we'll have to move forward....I'll be looking to you for advice on that too. Once camps are over we need to get together. I sure miss you!