Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Date with Eden

Well, this post is really late but I didn't want to forget to write about this day. The last Friday of May, Claire went to MDO for a makeup day that we had paid for and needed to use. We took the opportunity to do something special with our girl Eden and found ourselves at the Japanese Tea Gardens. I'd never been and what a gem in the midst of San Antonio!! It's across from the zoo and very well hidden so I never thought it'd be so beautiful. The water fall, bridges,koi and heat reminded me of our time in China (I need to post about that someday! We taught english for 3 weeks the summer of 2004). After our hike around and a lot of picture taking, we had lunch at one of Neil's favorites, Mencius. It was the perfect date with our baby girl!

Eden wasn't too sure at first because she had only slept about 20 minutes for her morning nap. I see this face a lot!

Neil is an amazing photographer - He caught this turtle just before he dipped back under the water

Another GREAT shot - isn't he good?

Just the three of us

Neil with a really cool bridge

I don't know what this is but it was beautiful!

Eden's best picture with daddy to date! She was feeling much better when she heard we were going to be in the air conditioned car to get lunch. Oh, a daddy's girl!


Aubrey said...

I love this picture of Neil and Eden. It is too sweet.

Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Such precious pictures! Looks like a great day.

proud parents said...

Wow, great pictures! I've never been there. We may have to check it out the next time we're in the area.