Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day

(I'm trying to catch up from my crazy couple of weeks so I also posted about our 6th anniversary below this one!)

OK this isn't on the actual day but I have to say...
to my

husband and father of our sweet girls!

Neil is EVERYTHING a little girl would want for a daddy. Isn't this the cutest? Claire's getting her model pose going. This was taken at Pei Wei Saturday night while we celebrated just the four of us.

Neil, you amaze me with your patience, consistency, endless story telling, imagination, selflessness, persistence, sensitivity... I could go on and on.... I don't know how I would do this without you! You are so understanding of what I do all day with our little ones and when you wake up with Claire so I can sleep in, often times make dinner when you get home from work and take over when I need a much needed break, you make me fall in love with you all over again. I know I have it good and I want you to know that I'm so blessed and thankful that we are going through this ride together! I love you with all I am and to see the girl's look at you with such love and admiration just melts my heart.

OK - enough of my gushing!! We celebrated with Neil's dad with a yummy lasagna lunch on Sunday. This first picture is SO cute! The group ones aren't that great but we don't have many of everyone together.

Happy Father's Day Gene! We Love you!

After nap, we went to celebrate Father's day with my dad. We had Jennifer, Mike and Heather in town so it was nice to celebrate with so many of us! Eden was being especially cute and laughing up a storm.
What a face!
Aunt Jenny and Eden

Laughing at Aunt Heather! She was just doing a popping sound and Eden thought it was hilarious. Wish I could post the video but it's so long - does anyone have any hints on how to upload videos easily? Let me know if so!
Claire sharing Grandpa's sweet tooth - two of a kind

Daddy duty calls while mama was taking care of big sister's fit- yes, this child is mislabeled

Happy Father's day Dad!! I don't know what we'd do without you! Thanks for everything you do for us and for loving us.

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Anonymous said...

We are so blessed to share in your family and graced with the opportunity to grandparent our precious girls...we admire you and Neil for your parenting and the love that you share w/ each other and us. I thank God that we are able to enjoy this time of our lives w/ you!!! Love, Mom and daddy