Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6th Wedding Anniversary

Wow! Can't believe Neil and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 21st! It amazes us how much our lives have changed these past 6 years and especially the last three. We feel like it's been even longer but in a good way =) We had a wonderful evening planned for Friday night - Dinner at Bravo! which is an Italian restaurant we've been wanting to try and then off to see "Wicked" at the majestic. We saw the show in NYC when we were there 4 years ago and said that we'd see it again if it ever came to SA. It was just as good even though I had a harder time listening to the music since I've now taught a few of the pieces. It's definitely one of my favorite shows ever! We met our sweet friends, Jeremy and Lezlee, at the theater which was nice because they were celebrating their 7th anniversary on the 15th. Happy Anniversary you guys!

Leaving for the show!
We weren't supposed to have cameras in the theater but we thought it'd be ok to take some pics after the show. Guess not!! After we got these great pictures inside, some other people were told not to take pictures at all. We're such trouble makers!

We love these guys!

Claire stayed the night at Neil's parents and Eden slept at Grandma and Grandpa's in my old room. We really wanted a night away but since Eden is still not sleeping through the night AND not taking a bottle (what a stinker), we also spent the night at my parent's house so we wouldn't have to transport her at midnight! I fed her, we went to dinner, came back and fed her again and then left for the show to then feed her when she got up at 12:30 a.m. ..... yes, our lives have definitely changed but we wouldn't have it any other way than being the most blessed parent's with the most wonderful girls! Next year we WILL spend some time alone and away to get refreshed!

I leave this post with a couple of our engagement pictures. I couldn't get to our wedding ones that are on CD but I wanted to post something to remind us of how young and rested we looked back then!

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