Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chicken Pox - again!

Well, Claire has the pox again which shocked me but they did look just the same as last time! For those of you new to the blog or new to our family, Claire had them back in September. Here is the link to that entry if you're interested:


I noticed a bump on her chin over the weekend but didn't think anything of it. It looked just like a pimple. This morning I saw some on her shoulder and got concerned. Just like last time, they don't bother her and she hasn't had a fever or isn't feeling bad at all. Right now she has 4 on her shoulder, one on her arm, one on her chin and one on her scalp. All have already opened up and started to scab over which is good because she isn't contagious once all are scabbed over. Dr. Gulde said he has seen this happen even with the vaccine but he said "Who do they come see? The pediatrician!" Anyway, he said he thought there were some more coming on her bottom but I haven't gotten a good look yet. He said not to worry about Eden because it's rare for newborns to get it and she should be safe since she is strictly breastfeeding. Plus, what would we do? Claire just has to be extra careful with hand washing and being all over her - that is going to be an impossible task! At lunch Eden was fussing a bit and said "I'm sorry Eden. I can't come kiss you - I'm a little sick" - how cute is that? We'll see how compliant she continues to be!

I didn't take a picture last time so I did this time for many of you who asked what they looked like so to keep an eye on your little ones. They're at the bottom. She wasn't at church Sunday because Neil was pretty sick all weekend so we all stayed home - thank GOD! I'd hate to have put her with all the kiddos with the bump already on her face. Unfortuantely, she did go to her MDO yesterday so I'm about to call over there and give them the heads up!

Here are the 4 on her shoulder - they are almost already scabbed

This is the one on her arm that is pretty open. Before this they have a head that looks cloudy or yellowish - puss like - yuck!

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