Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eden's Day

Today was a great day for Eden! We hosted out first playgroup and she got to spend some time with her friend Caleb! What a cutie he is! They are only a week and 1 day apart so we know they will become fast friends as they grow up together. Eden also took some time out to flash her smile this evening while doing tummy time - tummy time and smiling? WOW! Didn't know that would happen together so soon when she isn't smiling all the time yet! She really responds to her tickle spot under her chin so we do it a lot! She's smiling more everyday and looking cuter all the time. She's also starting to resemble her sister more and more... Enjoy these pics!

Claire trying out the tickle spot!
Caleb and Eden hanging out - these are two of our favorite seats in the house. Thanks Kate for letting us borrow them!! We LOVE the portable swing!
Getting stronger all the time!

This is my favorite one so far!

" Mom, why did you have to go and stick a bow on my head?"


Maggie said...

She's so beautiful! It's cute she already has a friend of her age to hang out with.
I love the bow on her head. She looks adorable.

Anonymous said...

Caleb had a lot of fun hanging out with Miss Eden- he can't wait for the next playgroup!