Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day - our story

I know so many who think today is such a crock - a cheesy way to get us to buy things - but if it's one more day that you intentionally tell those around you that you love them then why not? We shouldn't need an excuse to do so but if it helps someone who truly deserves it feel special, then it is way worth the fuss...

Enough about that!! Now for the good stuff - Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband!

14 years ago on Valentine's Day, I got ready for my first real date. I dressed up in a short, red dress with a heart cut out and curled the heck out of my long hair. Actually, I think my sister did my hair for me! I was so nervous and excited - we were going on a Project Graduation Fundraiser dinner to Fiesta Texas. My date was this new guy who was a studly senior and had been taking me home from school the past month. Yup, you guessed it! It was Neil! He brought me a frog planter with a purple heart (He knew I loved frogs and the color purple). I was so nervous and excited but glad that we were picking up some friends on the way, Mikey and Chris Locke. On the way out there, the four of us crammed into Neil's tiny white Mazda Truck that was on it's last leg (way too dangerous when we look back!). It was SO foggy that night and we got lost on our way to Fiesta TX which is hard to imagine these days. We had a great time and honestly, I don't remember much except for the ride and getting ready!

Well, there is one more thing I remember... on the way home we dropped off Mikey and Chris so it was just the two of us in the truck. I chose to sit in the middle and Neil had his arm around me. SO why so memorable? Well, the truck was a standard so every time he had to shift, he'd have to reposition his arm!! What a sweetie! We didn't have a good night kiss that night but I'm sure we had a hug. We didn't see each other much longer after that but celebrated our next Valentine's Day together 7 years later in Baton Rouge. That was the weekend Neil told me he was in love with me... We haven't spent one apart since!

I love you Neil with all my heart! How fun is it to remember our stories together!? I'm so glad we're both nostalgic and that we've created such a wonderful love story together.

(I have a picture of our first V-day together when I was 14 and Neil was 17 but he wouldn't let me post it =( If you ever want to see it, you know I have it in a scrapbook and you'll get a kick out of it!!)


Aubrey said...

What a sweet story. Don't you love that you have such a history? You two are so great. Ya'll are such great parents. Your girls will truly know what true love is.

JDRLB....That's Me!!! said...

Awwww....such a gentleman. The ole white truck...I remember that stylish thing :o) You guys are so cute and Neil has become such a great hubby and daddy....he had good role models to learn is hard for me to believe I lived with them for a couple of years.....oh the sibling stories I could tell (haha)

The Bowers Family said...

I love picturing the short red dress with the heart cut out! SO COOL! JD and I also love to reminisce about the days of falling in love...we found some pretty great guys, didn't we? Hope you are having a great week.