Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quoting Claire

Here are a few funnies...

Obama (again)
Last night I was watching Obama's conference while feeding Eden and Claire came in to kiss me good night. She saw the TV and said " Obama... President Obama!" then gave me a hug and kiss. As she was about to leave she yelled "hug and kiss" like she often does when she or someone else is leaving so I thought she wasn't satisfied with our good nights. Well, she quickly ran to the TV to give Obama a big hug and kiss! What a ham!

After Claire was done going potty today, she told me she was done so I could come in to help wipe. I've taught her to touch her toes (sounds funny and weird but hey, it works!) so I'm sure to get everything clean so when I walked in she was already in position. It was so funny that I had to laugh out loud and she said

C: "What mama?"
M: "Nothing honey - you're just sweet" (she doens't like it when you're laughing at her so I was trying to cover it up)
C: "Don't eat me..."
M: "What?!"
C: "I'm sweet - don't try to eat me"
M: now laughing out loud again - "Oh I won't!

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Aubrey said...

I love it. When I was little my mom would say, "Aubrey, you're just pulling my leg" whenever I was being silly. I would respond with, "I'm not pulling your leg mommy." Kids are so cute when they don't get the slang comments.