Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life Group Costume Pics

We had our second costume event tonight with our life group! The kids were so cute and cooperative except for Ms. Claire. She isn't too keen on the group picture idea and quickly turned to tears after we all started snapping away - again. After everyone left I asked her why she didn't like taking pictures with her friends and she said it was because everyone was looking at her and being loud. She's done this for awhile and has never liked all eyes on her when people are talking loud and laughing. My sensitive girl... hope she out grows it!

My attempt of a group shot: Leyna as Raggedy Ann, Hunter as the pumpkin, Claire as the cat, Carly as the penguin and Jacy as the bumble bee!

Too cute!

I love this picture of Hunter! What a cute pumpkin!

Jennifer and Lee with their pumpkin Hunter

I snuck a shot of Claire!

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