Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here are a few pics I've taken the last week. She has really gotten the pose down! She is now requesting me to take her picture with her toys. Guess she is loving pictures as much as her mommy and daddy! Can't wait to get her first camera in her hands.

Being silly with daddy as usual!

Claire loves her new travel inflatable bed from "Aunt" Heather!!

Now that it's a bit cooler (the low 90's) we can spend some time at the park!

Posing with her dolly
I love this picture! I caught her in a little dance pose!
Rollo's such a trooper - that's why we love her!


Jennifer said...

My 4-year old neice just got a neat camera for her b-day and loves it! It is a real digital camera. It comes in different characters (i.e. Diego, Dora, etc) and is made for small kiddos so it doesn't break. . .possible Christmas gift?

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

ever since they moved the pre-schoolers out to the CHS building, it is like the babies grow up overnight! She is so BIG and looks so much like Neil! Cutie Pie!(Claire, not Neil! LOL)

Staci said...

seriously how cute is she?? And i am soo with you on the whole "now that its a lil cooler" thing, i HATE the heat here, i feel bad cause i hardly get outside when its like that!!! Kathryn she is beautiful...and im glad to see someone else i know with a blog, if you ever want a make over let me know!!

Anonymous said...

that's a sweet kitty but I want to see yours