Monday, January 24, 2011

Growing up

There is just something I LOVE about watching my sweet girls learn new things! Although I want them to stay my babies forever (and they will!) I rejoice when I see those little light bulbs go off and them get giddy with excitement! It's almost like reliving childhood when you get to share these moments with them. This past week seemed to have a few of those moments that I want to remember.

Eden sat on the potty! Of course it might have been a delay tactic to going to bed, another thing she's learning quite well, but none the less she did it! Nothing happened but we can see that she is getting interested. She is choosing to read the "Bye Bye Diaper" book we have before bed time. Not sure how easy this will be with her strong willed spirit but we will be easing into it until she is really ready.

Eden asked to put dress up clothes on and loved this Cinderella costume that Claire wore when she was this age. She also got her first taste of lip gloss (YIKES!!) because Claire was putting it on with her costume. She twirled forever once she got it on!
Nothing really new with the drawing department - still loves it and could do it for minutes on end. Just loved this picture =)
Claire has been really growing up right before my eyes. The other day she said "Mom, you want me to read you a book?" and I said yes not thinking she would actually be reading it. I was shocked that she could read most of it (Strawberry Shortcake 1 level reader that she read with Daddy the night before)!! I had to help sound some things out but she initiated it and even when it got long and hard, she persevered which says a lot about Claire. She even did it later that day for Uncle Billy. SO proud of her! Here she is pretending she was a monkey with a long tail - she stuck the jump rope in her pants =)
This girl's mind is always going. Back on Friday we were reading in her Jesus Storybook Bible (which is AWESOME!) about Jesus in the garden crying and then being taken to die on the cross. As Jesus is speaking to God she got such a puzzled look on her face and says "But He IS God" and when I tried to explain the Trinity as best as I could, she kept saying "That just doesn't make sense" - I spoke to her about how it might not make sense to us and we can't fully understand it but that we believe and have faith because that is what the Word tells us. Wow - she continues to amaze me with her questions and wanting to understand as much as she can at this young of an age.
And here is my cowgirl sporting her new boots and her hair cut (Kid 2 Kid has boots for great prices!) She has always wanted some kind of boots so she is loving them! Her pose cracks me up =) You can't see it but her other hand is on her hip!


Alison said...

Such cute pictures!! My kids love their boots too! :)

rachel said...

Love the photo of Eden coloring! Your girls are so precious. I hope we can see them soon! :)

Miss you!

Jed and Amanda said...

Woohoo for potty training! Laine absolutely loved Once Upon a Potty (the video and the book). She still (at age 6) talks about Prudence (the main character) and doesn't want to get rid of her book.

Sending love from across Texas!