Friday, January 7, 2011

9 years

Today we celebrate a VERY special day - our 9th dating anniversary! Not the anniversary of our first date because well, we had an interesting start. We pretty much confessed our love for each other BEFORE our first date!! It's the anniversary of when Neil and I met at Jim's with the same agenda - get the courage up to tell each other something was different between us - let's take a chance - and we never looked back! It was a HUGE risk but well worth it to spend the rest of my life with my very best friend. We never would've thought 9 years ago that we would be here - two girls and on our journey to our son.

And as we sit here on the couch tonight watching the LSU Tigers (my alma matar) and the Aggies (Neil's alma matar), I remember that a Tiger AND an Aggie both won that night 9 years ago! (chessy - I know but I just couldn't help myself!!)

We couldn't be more blessed! Next year we will be celebrating another special day on Jan. 7th - Ethiopia's Christmas - Ganna!

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