Saturday, January 15, 2011

A big day

Today was a BIG, significant day!! Our sweet little Claire had her first sleepover at Leyna's house and she couldn't have been more excited. When Lezlee called about it I hesitated because I thought, "My baby isn't ready for that!" But it was just my mommy heart - she was more than ready with her bag packed days in advance and after talking to Lezlee tonight, she didn't have any problems with going to sleep or being away. What a big girl (tear)... she's growing up too fast!

Neil and I took Eden out on a date to eat and while out we bought our first item for our baby boy!!

actually, we bought two at Kohl's and we were giddy with excitement! We are planning on doing the Hungry Caterpillar theme in his room so this is perfect!! We will have them around the house to get our scent and when we find out who our baby boy is, we will send one to him at Hannah's Hope - our agency's transitional home. Oh wow!! I've been tempted to buy things but have been so good not to yet. This was the perfect first buy for the son of our hearts!


Alison said...

So cute!! Love the Hungry Caterpillar theme!! :)

rachel said...

congratulations! how exciting, K! you're getting closer every day!

Tara said...

Love it! What a cool theme.