Monday, June 21, 2010

Our first home study!

Talk about a lot of unnecessary stress!! We spent so much time getting everything ready for our home study on Monday. I was nervous but the instant Mary walked through the door, God put me at ease. There was just something about her that made us click and I felt like I was getting to know an old friend. Claire was her talkative self and took Mary right away to her room to show her everything. Mary was able to spend some good time with her before she and I sat down together for the more formal interview. Over our yummy pizza and salad I had to talk about my family, my childhood, my schooling, my career, etc. Nothing too hard! Neil was watching the girl's but we all spent time together as well which was great for her to see how we interact.

Mary will be back on July 9th to interview Neil by himself and us together. After she prepares everything she will give it to us to review. The completion of our home study will be HUGE because you can't apply for any grant or loan without it. She will also be doing our post-placement visits when our boy is home after 3,6 and 12 month so she will get to know us well!

Thank you for all your kind words and prayers =) God's peace was overwhelming yesterday and even through the weekend as we prepared. Even though I got a bit stressed it was nowhere near what I would've been without HIM and your prayers. We're so blessed by you all!

On another note, Neil and I celebrated our anniversary after Mary left by sharing some wine and watching "Blind Side" in our newly cleaned and organized room. We felt like we were staying in a hotel! How sad is that?! Now to keep it that way!

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