Sunday, June 27, 2010


About a month ago we were blessed with this piano!! A friend of my mom's was going to give it to us to sell for our garage sale fundraiser and she asked if we could keep it. She told them it'd be such a wonderful thing to have a working piano in our house so that I could possibly teach some lessons from home. I was just overwhelmed! It needs some work and a definite tuning but nothing was stopping these girls! They love it as much as I do and I love to hear them "play" on it. I did try to solicit for some in-home lessons up at the middle school I will be additionally teaching next year but no takers thus far. A blessing though because I just feel swamped this summer and the day I planned to have my lessons is now the day I have to go to my physical therapy appointments. Just glad to be able to play at home now!

Our living room was getting really crowded with both pianos (our HUGE non-working one was still in there). We tried selling our other one on craigslist but we got so desperate to get it out that we gave it away for free! They came and moved it all away and what a relief! We have so much more room to play now!

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