Thursday, June 24, 2010

A date kind of day

I am WAY behind on this post but don't want to forget to write about this day =) Back in late May Claire had her end of the year program at her MDO. She was more than excited to get all dressed up - picking out her dress and pearls herself. Unfortunately, Eden was super sick that day so we asked Claire who she wanted to go with her. She said "Daddy because he has to go to work and doesn't get to see his girls as much!" Too sweet-a date with daddy! So off they went to the program and later shared a Sonic picnic lunch. What a treat!

Her she is! Don't worry - I've cut her bangs since!! These pictures are so sweet but I can't believe I let her hair grow into her eyes that far!

She's so funny! She practices all around the house but doesn't really sing when she's there. Honestly, the programs are nothing to brag about but they do the best they can with what they have - makes me kind of sad as a music educator. Can't wait for Claire to be with her new MDO next year!
Claire was so excited about her Sonic stuffed tots!
Love this Girl!
That evening it was date night with mommy! Claire LOVES to go to any choir concert or recital with me so off we went to the Stevenson concert (where I went to middle school). I'm trying to get on teaching there once a week next year since it's so close by so we went to go check out the program. Wasn't the best concert to attend to check out vocal technique as they were doing all pop numbers but we still had fun!

Claire had to bring her baby who matched her dress for the evening. Everyone thought she was beyond precious carrying around her baby in her carseat! She got this 2 1/2 years ago and still plays with it =) Notice her matching necklace, bracelets and headband - all her choice!
Me and my girl!
We love doing special dates with our girls so that they get one on one time with us. Tomorrow Claire and I are off to see Toy Story with some friends!

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