Sunday, July 5, 2009

VBS and Twinsies

The last 2 weeks were filled with VBS! I searched for a good VBS that would be near the house so we can start meeting people living in our area and that will be going to school with Claire. Plus it gave me some time to be with Eden since our VBS wasn't going to allow me to drive home (too far of a drive!). Claire went to the Northwest Hills Methodist VBS and had a blast with their Crocodile Rock VBS program. It was everyday for 3 hours and she came home telling me all about the bible stories and singing the songs. My favorite was when she would sing "Get down, He listen..." which was really "I get down, He lifts me up!" Hey, it works both ways! At the end of the week she came home with all kinds of goodies including a plastic character for each day on a key ring. She LOVED her "teacher" Molly who was really her group leader and a 7th grader. We later saw her at the pool and Claire thought it was the coolest.

Here is Claire and Molly

Claire loved the Crocodile Lady and even was asked to come up on stage to hold a poster during the large singing assembly. She's getting so brave!

This is Claire and the Children's director, David. Claire just HAD to tell him thank you... I'm a proud mommy =)

What else did Claire bring home? A cold!! Both she and Eden got stuffy noses, coughs, etc. which has lingered for a long time. Claire couldn't go to our VBS the first two days but got to go Wed and Thursday. They had close to 400 kids!! I helped out in the nursery on Wed. but ended up driving up and down 281 to get Eden to take a good nap on Thursday. It was actually kind of nice driving around without having to listen to kids music or tell story after story! The theme was the Circus which Claire LOVED too! She had a fun time with her friends and again, told us the stories she learned everyday. She is also constantly singing the songs which makes me SO happy. I didn't get any pictures there (bummer!) but I did take pics before we left on Thursday. I have finally found sizes to be able to match the girls and now I'm hooked! I LOVE dressing them alike so we will be having twinsies for a long time!
Claire laughing at Eden sneezing - A-CHOO!
Same expressionSister love

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Anonymous said...

Molly is the daughter of the art teacher at my school! They are a really sweet family......and they have a little boy about Claire's age, I believe.
Love the matching outfits!!