Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

We had a very fun and eventful 4th of July weekend with our families! Friday night we ate at Neil's parent's house and his sister's family before she left for Australia. It's so fun to see Claire play with her cousins and now Eden watching every move. I remember thinking "I can't wait till Claire can walk and run so she can play with them" and boy does she ever! She is right behind the boys and loving every minute! They even found cardboard boxes to use to slide down Mimi and Poppa's grassy hill. I'm so glad I got that memory on video! We had good food + great company = wonderful evening!

Mimi & Eden

Saturday morning we left for Austin to spend the day with Mike and Heather. They needed to build a fence to keep the boat so dad, Mike and Neil worked on that pretty much all day. The rest of us just hung out, baked, chopped, prepared, visited, played in the "sprinkler" and just spent some quality time together. The girl's were great and had a good time with everyone. My sweet friend Heather who also lives in Austin came over to visit and spend some time with the girl's. It had been WAY too long! She took some incredible pictures - thanks Heather!

Claire and Heather making fresh peach cobbler with oatmeal cookie on top! Claire LOVES licking the beaters. This one was a little large =)
Claire loves to help anyone in the kitchen. She had so much fun helping Aunt Heather

Eden sporting her festive outfit from Grandma - what a cutie pie!

Mike and Dad working on the fence - too bad I didn't get Neil in there too! They worked hard and long in the 104 degree weather

Heather finally caught Claire long enough for one picture. She was having too much fun in the sprinkler a.k.a. hose spray!

Eden loved playing with Heather

Sisters wearing 4th of July stuff - how can you resist?


Watch out Uncle Mike!

These are the pictures Heather took

Believe it or not, the pictures from Mike and Heather's house were just a few of my favorites! If you want to see all of them, here is the site for our shutterfly albums:
Stay tuned for what we brought home from Austin with us. It made for an interesting next couple of days including a trip to the Med Clinic at 10:30 p.m. Sunday!

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