Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy bees

(I haven't posted in a long time because of time and I've been waiting to upload picstures. Well, our computer is about dead so pictures will just have to wait! We just got a laptop from Neil's work about a week or 2 ago so it was good timing for us. Praise God Neil is so diligent in backing everything up so we didn't lose much if anything at all! Honey, YOU'RE AWESOME!I'll post pictures to the following 3 posts sometime soon!)

We have been running around crazy the past week! The weekend was a whirlwind full of baby showers, a get together at our house and a trip to Houston. Friday, we surprised Lauren with a diaper/dessert shower at Maggiano's which was so fun! A girl's night out with Italian food is just about my favorite thing to do (Italian with the hubby would be my favorite). Lauren will be welcoming baby boy #3 sometime soon! Saturday we had a brunch diaper baby shower for Tara! I'm so excited she is having a baby girl and will be experiencing the daily drama we have at our house - just joking Tara! It's great but I'm sure it will be night and day for you! I had Eden with me so I was unable to get pictures - sorry Tara!

Natalie and Melynda loving dessert
Amy and me
Stephanie and Allison
Misty, me and Jen - Misty said she'd only take a picture if she would get to be on my blog so hear you are Misty!! You're famous!
The guest of honor - Lauren
Karen and me
Me and Kristin
Everyone! Amy, me, Kristin, Lauren, Misty, Jennifer, Jen, Stephanie, Allison, Tara, Natalie, Melynda and Karen

Saturday afternoon we had a get together with our high school buddies. We hadn't gotten together in a long time and our families have been growing! We had 13 adults, 3 babies and big sister Claire. Of course the one day we decide to grill burgers it POURS at our house. A much needed shower but not the best timing for Neil and Eric who grilled half the burgers with umbrellas! So good to catch up with everyone and to see baby Lyla and big girl Iliana who just turned 1! Unfourtunately the pics taken didn't turn out but we did get one of the fearless grillers!
Sunday after church we drove to Houston to visit my dear friend from college, Laura, and her hubby, Taylor. They live in Ohio and we visit them in Houston when they are down staying with her parents. It had been a year and a half since I had seen her last which was WAY too long! I'm so excited that they are expecting and on their way to this crazy chapter of life: parenthood. The visit was way too short but I'm so glad we got to go and share in some wonderful time together. Claire and Eden did well but I don't know how people travel a lot with little ones! Crying in the car when the other is sleeping, a potty accident, having to stop to nurse in the car, terrible traffic, unexplainable screaming, dirty DQ's and not a seat in the back for an adult! It's not something I like to do but it was well worth the trip.

I love this girl and miss her terribly!!! You know how there are people who you can just pick up where you left off? This is mine! She is an amazing woman with a heart and passion for the Lord. Such a sister and example for me. I'm so excited she is expecting!

WOW!! A family of 4 picture - too bad Claire was being weird. She didn't want to take the picture and then we got her to take one and her mane was crazy!

Wow - I need a week to recover! Neil's birthday is Saturday so we have that to look forward to!


Gloria said...

Wow! You guys really have been busy! Ah yes, nursing in the car. Isn't it great when they're gigantic and you're trying to fit between two carseats?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have a sweet "forever" friend as Laura...who would have guessed when Taylor was directing your church choir that he would marry Laura...I so happy for them now that they are expecting!!! It is too bad that they are not closer but that makes it an extra special treat when they visit fam in Houston...sweet pics!!! Love, Mom

Clint, Amy and Kamryn said...

Wow! Busy blog. I wish I kept up as good as you. Now for the reason I had to leave the comment... I adore the latest "family of four" picture... the "mane" comment was hilarious! This will be one of those photos that you laugh at everytime you see it, even decades from now. Silly memories are the best ones!