Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canyon Lake

Saturday, July 11th we took a day trip to Canyon Lake with my parents and Mike and Heather. We had such a wonderful time just relaxing, sharing food, swimming, etc. and Claire couldn't get enough! We really haven't spent any significant time at the beach or lake so she was really soaking it up. We plan on going back next summer and trying to stay in one of the shelters on the Randolph property that my parents stayed for 2 nights. Eden did a great job and just went with the flow while still getting some good nap time in.

Here are some pics from my camera but mom and dad have some great ones I need to get!

Mike and Heather

The shelter mom and dad stayed 2 nights in - great shade, view of the sail boats docked and perfect picnic table
Claire after swimming in the lake for about an hour and a half or two!
Bet you can't tell what my favorite part was!!
I wonder what Claire's favorite part was.... like mother, like daughter....
Oh, and there was more!! Mom surprised me with a birthday cake and Claire STILL talks about the chocolate cake with the strawberry on top!
You think she got enough sugar?! She has my sweet tooth - sorry Claire!!

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