Tuesday, July 21, 2009

29 and holding

I can't believe I just celebrated my 29th birthday! A few days before I got a little sad thinking about it but it was such a wonderful day that I will remember it as the fabulous and final birthday of my 20's. Boy was I was spoiled! Claire and Neil got me tacos from our favorite place, Ruthies, and then it was time to get lunch ready for playgroup at our house - 10 mommies, 12 little ones and 3 babies - it was pretty insane! Actually, the kids were really good but my house just isn't that big! It was great to hang out with friends on my special day. Thank you Stef for my beautiful gladiolas (and babysitting the late shift!)

For dinner Neil took me to Silo's which was excellent and definitely a special occasion restaurant. Food was great but oh my gosh!!! The chocolate souffle was AMAZING - I still can't get over how good it was. We came home to relieve my dad from babysitting (thanks dad!), tucked the kiddos in and then went out to the Luna Bar which was a great change of pace for us oldies. We enjoyed a relaxed, smoke free, classy, nice setting and some good live music. I would highly recommend this place to anyone in SA who likes live music!

LOVE this picture of the three of us - Eden was already asleep! This was between dinner and Luna.

It was a WONDERFUL day! Neil brought me red roses, the first season of "Big Bang Theory" and the BEST present ever! He printed off our blog from April 2008-August 2008 from a great website http://www.blog2print.com/. The quality is awesome and everything is included: dates, pics, comments, table of contents and it is bound with pictures on the cover and back. We will periodically print it in 4 month increments. I was so taken a back by the gift because he knows how important memories are to us and how much time I've spent writing this thing! One day he told me there was no guarantee that the blog would be around forever and I about flipped! I suggest you all print yours if you want it to be around for your kiddos to read =)

So far 29 is fabulous!

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Anonymous said...

What a precious gift the blog print is...your wonderful entries will be cherished for the rest of your life by you...and your family! Neil and you have something very special in the love, understanding and respect you have for each other...happy year and more blogging please;) Luv, mom