Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kate and Everett

We had a great night celebrating Kate and baby Everett with a girl's night out at none other than our favorite Johnny Carino's! Karla was in town which made it even more of a celebration.
Karla, Kate and me
Beth n Lucy, Crystal and Kristi
Lucy was very interested in that cold glass =)
I can't believe Kate will be bringing Everett into this world so soon! I couldn't be more excited to meet him! Kate and I've been together since we were 10 and it's been so sweet to raise our families together! We have a ton of little girls running around at our get togethers but only one little boy (and he's in Houston!) so it's time to get this little boy ball rolling. Praying that our little guy will be the same age - Abbey and Claire are only 7 weeks apart and Lydia and Eden are only 5 months apart!

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