Friday, February 17, 2012


Claire has always loved "bring a friend" night at the Little Gym - she has been Abbey's friend to her gymnastics class a number of times! Thank you Kate for always thinking of her =) Her favorite was always the balance beam and she was really good at it.

About 8 months ago Claire came home from school and said "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a gymnastics teacher. You need to put me in gymnastics so I know what to do!" Oooo...she's smart and sneaky isn't she!? Well, after she started going across the monkey bars in seconds flat over and over again with callouses on her little hands, Neil and I decided that this would be a good activity to encourage what we've seen in her interests and strengths. She was elated when I surprised her on Valentine's Day with a leotard and her first class that evening! She was even more surprised to see Abbey was in her class along with two other classmates from her kinder class - two of her favorite friends from school! She now counts the days to Tuesday!

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