Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catching up

This summer has been FUN but exhausting with all the activities... After a long trip to Wisconsin, I just feel behind on everything right now and trying to catch up on it all - blogging, sorting and giving away clothes, getting the girls room settled, organizing pictures, cleaning off the laptop, adoption paperwork, school prep, scrapbooking, grocery shopping, sleeping, purging the house, thank you notes, etc. Tonight, after a long bedtime battle, I was going back and putting blogs in where they belong according to date but sometimes I wonder if that will give the impression to my kiddos that I really had it all together. I'm here to tell you, I don't!!! Juggling it all and being a person who doesn't like saying "no", it makes me look forward to having more of a routine to our days come fall time (not that I'm looking forward to Claire being in school). I'm feeling the need to really embrace stillness and quiet.

Babies, I LOVE being a mom - there's nothing more I'd rather do - but it's hard. My total reliance needs to be on my God and Savior and not myself. If there is one thing I want to teach you, it is to hand it over to Him daily. It's ok for life to be overwhelming at times because in our weakness HE is our strength and that's when we really can practice our utter dependence on Him. Off to sleep...

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