Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few fun things!

With the end of summer winding down, we've had a ton of fun!! Going and doing and just being together as a family while Neil had the first two weeks of August off. I just can't get enough of the girls learning, trying new things, discovering... these years amaze me and I never want to forget!

First up was VBS at our church. The girls had a blast! It was Eden's first VBS and I think she's hooked (especially on the "Slippery Fish" song!) Isn't this wall of deco awesome? My amazing friend Tiffany took care of this wall and another =)
I helped the last day since I was finally back in town from Wisconsin!
Adam, Carly, Leyna and Claire (Abbey was there too!)
The girls were invited to Leyna's 5th bday party and they had a blast playing in the water out back!

Meeting Cora Lynn!!! We got up to the hospital to see Cora, Eric n Erin but couldn't get too close because Claire was complaining of an upset tummy. It was so hard to be there and not be able to hold her!! I got my chance the next day =)
Eric joining the club - all girls but hopefully not for too long!!
Getting as close as I could! (Claire sporting her new "grow out the bangs" look)
We had tickets for the Children's Museum from a silent auction we won so we took the girls downtown.
Milking a cow
"Shopping" at HEB - their favorite part!

Later that week it was Eden's first time to bowl! We went to participate in Strikes for Tikes which is a fundraiser for Urban Connection in SA.
We got to bowl with the Dyes and met a number of others!
Bowling with pizza and drinks

And finally swimming! We've been swimming a lot lately and the girls have turn into fish =)
Wow - lots of fun things!! I'm exhausted =) and looking forward to a more routine schedule when school starts... Claire going to Kinder!!? Yes, I'm nervous!

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