Monday, August 29, 2011


A month ago I took a trip up to Wisconsin to visit extended family and spend some special time with my grandma. I got to visit with my wonderful aunts, my cousin Kaitlin and even got to see my dad's family at my cousin Sandy's wedding. I did all of this while Neil stayed home with both girls for 6 days. He says it's what dad's and husband's should all do and he was fine with it - I say he's amazing!! Without two kids my focus was on actual conversations and I read like I've never read since college. It was so enjoyable! I also got to spend some great quality time with my parents as we drove up together and stayed together most the week.

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Barbara and I at the farmer's market - it was an amazing market and I got those beautiful flowers for my grandma's room for $6!
This is the tiny church in the middle of the corn feilds where my cousin Sandy got married. It was amazing and I called Neil right away to tell him I found the place we are renewing our vows =) I just loved it even though it didn't have air conditioning and we were all sweating up a storm!
Aunt Marge, Aunt Faye, Dad and Mom
My cousin Sandy and he groom Mike with Sandy's kids (Angie and Aaron) and grandkids (my second and third cousins) - we have a lot of years between us so it gets a little confusing!
Sandy's parents, my Uncle George and Aunt Carol (my dad's oldest sister of 7)
Kaitlin and I visiting Grandma in the sitting room at the nursing home
LOVE this picture!! Linda, Barb and mom touching "the queen"!
Out by lake Michigan for a festival
Visiting the Sheboygan History Museum next door to the nursing home - Judy came that day too!
What a blessing it was to be there and see everyone! I pray it's not long before I can get back to visit grandma again and take at least one of the girls with me!

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Sara said...

That is the cutest church! Glad you enjoyed your little getaway.