Sunday, August 21, 2011

On your mark, get set....

We've been gearing up for Claire's first day of kinder this week and I can hardly believe it! When I was a kid I LOVED going back to school - getting school supplies, picking out my first day outfit, meeting my teacher, seeing my classroom, picking out stuff for lunches, etc. Claire may just be following in her mama's footsteps! Here are a few fun pics from the week...

Supply shopping! I bought three sets of folders because I kept finding cuter ones =) (The others will be donated)

Going to meet the teacher - Mrs. Lopez! She actually recognized me from when I had her husband as a teacher way back in the 5th grade. She is a veteran teacher and so sweet!
Claire and Mrs. Lopez by her cubby

Mrs. Lopez had cookies for the kids and when people would ask Claire if she liked her teacher after meeting her she would say "YES!! She let me have TWO cookies!" She knows the way to my little girl's heart - cookies and books! Here she is in the reading corner!
Today was the much anticipated "Kinder Box" presentation at church. I've been watching this for 7 years and thinking about when I would have a little one up there and the day had finally come! They each got a school box full of supplies that represent different things (crayons = God created us all different and unique; scissors = rightly divide the good decisions from the bad; glue stick = remind us to stick with God; eraser = God will erase our mistakes if we ask Him; tissues (mainly for the parents) = God's soft love for us). They also got a "big" bible with the new and the old testament. They all went up in front of our church family for the presentation and then the elders sat and prayed over them. We are so BLESSED to be part of this amazing family! Claire couldn't have been more excited! She picked out her dress and pearls for the occasion. Here she is with Abbey
It's so amazing to see all these kinder kids! So many of them have grown up together since they were in-utero!
Grandma and Grandpa came and then we did a celebratory lunch at Chipotle
The Zorn's came too!! Leyna and Claire - such big girls
The crew making silly faces =)

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