Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a day!

*** WARNING: this post is not for weak stomachs! Read at your own risk! ***

So today started with throw up all over our bedroom hallway - our poor baby Eden just stood there frozen not knowing what was going on. I felt SO bad for her. She laid on me for the rest of the morning (so unlike her!) until we had to leave for Neil's and my scheduled-for-over-a-month and already-rescheduled-once physical appointments with our general physician. We have to get this done to be included in our home agency paperwork.

Claire and Eden were so good while we were out. Actually, Claire had a blast! She loved talking to everyone in the office and watching us get our blood drawn (HIV, Hepatitis test), watch us pee in our cups (Drug test - she was with us each at different times as we were swapping kids back and forth while being carted around to different areas in the office - it was CRAZY!), watch us get our chest X-rays (don't worry, she was behind the wall with the technician!) and overall, loved it! All the while telling people she was going to have a baby brother =)

Poor Eden continued to be a bit lethargic and while waiting at a different office for our X-rays had a nasty diaper blowout - pure liquid and all over her clothes. I changed her out in the hallway wishing Neil was with me to hold and wipe but we managed! While she was finally napping at home, for 2.5 hours, we went to wake her up at 5 p.m. and she was covered in diarrhea all the way up her back. Oh yucky and she was just fast asleep - poor thing! Stripped her down and got her in the bath. She was ready for bed again around 7:15 p.m. and we're just praying this is a 24 hour thing. (We can't leave her this weekend if she's still sick. Details on that to come!)

With all that happening, Claire was awesome trying to take care of her sister and Eden was so sweet just staying on our laps and in our arms. Again, that never happens! Claire and I did get to see Mike for a little bit - he came into town to help my dad with his screening-in-the-patio project. Claire enjoyed her tickles from Uncle =)

So please pray for Eden to feel better tomorrow and for no one else to get this stomach bug. We have Claire's end of the year program tomorrow, a picnic lunch and a choir concert to attend tomorrow night. My date night with Claire!

Hoping everyone else had a good Wednesday!

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