Sunday, May 23, 2010

My necklace

Neil (a.k.a. the best husband in the world) got this beautiful necklace for me for Mother's Day! It's hard expecting and not being able to rub my tummy. I find myself touching my necklace constantly throughout the day and praying for our little man. I really love that the charms make a little clinking sound so I'm also constantly hearing it! The best is when the girl's play with it. Claire knows what it says and means so she usually asks me questions as she plays with it. It's kind of like when she would rub my tummy with lotion when we were expecting Eden. One of my favorite memories. I pray that God grows a special bond with Claire and Eden with brother right here and now.

I found this great necklace through someone's blog and then on etsy. It was custom stamped by Nicole over at SweetTeaShoppe The money she makes from her site goes towards their adoption. I love that!! Visit her and check out what she has. Perfect gifts for you or someone you love!

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Kassandra said...

Hi, my name is Kassandra, I met you this morning at UUMC through your husband (I was his student). I found your blog by accident when I googled "homes for haiti". I scrolled though quickly out of curiosity and saw the necklace. I just wanted to say congratulations. I think adoption is the work of angels. Prayers and blessings to you and your beautiful (and growing!) family.