Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a different kind of day but a good one! The morning started with flowers in bed and homemade cards from Neil and Claire - the best! After Claire gave me her card she asked "So do I get my present now?" Guess she was a little unclear about the holiday. You see, when she had come home from school last Monday with the cutest homemade recipe card holder for me that resembled a purse (one of her favorite things) she thought she wanted one too. I told her maybe we could make her one so that's what she expected... HER homemade "purse" on Mother's Day! It took me all morning to figure this all out so what did I do during her quiet time? Made her a purse =) And then explained Mother's Day!

Eden was sick so Neil stayed home from church with her while I took Claire to second service. In church I was really consumed by sadness as I thought of our son's birth mother somewhere in Ethiopia. Carrying a child that she may or may not ever know. How heartbreaking when I think of losing my children. I know I've written about this before but I can't imagine what she is going through right now. I was also consumed by the hope we have that God already knows him and can see our family of 5. I dream of that day we can hold our sweet boy and express how much we love him. I already love him SO much and I haven't even seen his face yet. It's much like what I experienced with the girls in just loving them as I anticipated meeting, holding, kissing them. I don't know if he'll be home for next Mother's Day or not but I pray he is.

The rest of the day was pretty low key hanging around the house recovering from the week and garage sale the day before. We ended up at my mom's house to drop off a little something for her and stayed to eat a yummy panini. Back home to get the girls to bed and I vegged on the couch watching a cute chick flick on TBS. It was a good day =)

A big THANK YOU and LOVE YOU to my mom and Neil's mom! Here's a great pic of me and my mom.

Billy came too! We played the Hungry Caterpillar Game for my mom (and Claire!) Mom is always asking to play a game so that we did =)
The Wed. before Mother's Day my brother, Heather and Jenny came into town to surprise Mom (Billy had to work). Mike and Heather came bearing yummy ingredients for a special lettuce wrap dinner. We pitched in and had a great night together!
My mom LOVES pics with her kiddos!

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