Saturday, May 22, 2010

Linda and Grandma's visit!

This post is WAY over due! After my mom's knee surgery early April, my Grandma and Aunt Linda came to town from Wisconsin for a week and a half. We had a GREAT time running around! My mom's knee didn't slow her down too much - not with crutches and a wheel chair for the long distances! I choose a handful of pics but if you're interested, this is the link to the whole album:

The first night dinner - Claire was SO excited to see them!
Sunday we stopped over for lunch and tried on our Fiesta crowns for all the Fiesta fun we were going to have the following week.

They also drove out to Fredricksburg's Wildflower Farm - love this pic of mom and dad!
Grandma loving on Eden - she wouldn't give her smiles out freely but warmed up quickly
Jenny came into town and we all went down to the night River parade!
Lin and Grandma also got to go to Claire's swim lessons before they left to visit Mike and Heather in Austin. I was so excited that they also got to meet Rachel and her 3 kiddos - especially Evie who's been here for about 3 months now from Ethiopia. Pics with her will be a whole different post!
Visiting in Austin
Grandma, mom, dad, Claire and I went to an AMAZING Air Force Band concert - it was really good and free! I think this will become a tradition =) Claire LOVES concerts. Her favorites were the singers and dancers. She said she wants to dance like that when she gets older. Unfortunately, it was a little sexy for mommy's taste! Isn't her dress cute? Great find at a resale shop.
We had a great dinner when Mike brought Linda back into San Antonio.
Friday was Battle of the Flowers parade!! Fun but hot =) Grandma was sportin' her neighbors necklace! We had a good shady spot but we were still melting so we only stayed for about half.
More parade
Back home after recouping from the heat =)
We had everyone over for dinner and Linda played Old Maid with Claire. Claire LOVED her time with Linda!
Grandma and Claire
We LOVE to color - I remember coloring with Linda when I was a little girl!
Having fun with Claire's new crayons! Thanks Linda and Grandma - LOVE new crayons!
We did see Billy one night while we trucked over to his restaurant for dinner =) The last night he did get over to mom and dad's for the farewell dinner!
It was a WONDERFUL visit! Linda met Eden for the first time and we hadn't seen her in 2 years! Grandma met Eden once last year but enjoyed seeing how much she had changed and how much that girl eats =) She was going through a growth spurt that week!
Can't wait to see yall again! Love you so much!

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