Sunday, May 23, 2010

Evie aka "Cutie"

Oh my goodness - isn't she the cutest?!

This is Evie (Evangeline) who Claire likes to call "cutie"! Evie came home to be with her forever family back in Feb. when I was blog stalking Rachel =) The story of how we met is so awesome - a complete God-incidence placing the Kovac's in our lives just at the right moment. Personally knowing someone who has adopted from Ethiopia is beyond a blessing. We have gotten to see Evie, Indigo and Jude almost every Tuesday when we take Claire to swim lessons and Rachel and I just gab away! Lessons are about to end but I know we will continue seeing each other and continue building a friendship between our families.

Claire just adores her! And don't I look like I'm just about to bust? My Aunt Linda took these pics when they were visiting and Rachel had asked me to hold Evie while she got the other two kiddos dressed. I was so excited to hold her and get a picture with her =)

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