Monday, April 12, 2010

Two of a kind

Eden can't get enough of sister =) She wants to do everything Claire's doing, play what she's playing, climb on what she's climbing, eat what she's eating, "count" when she's counting... it's been so fun to listen to them (most the time!) This also contributes to some of the first spats between sisters but they are learning quickly how to share and take turns. Here are some moments to remember:

- Eden blowing bubbles after Claire taught her in the bathtub
- Eden twirling around in her new outfit after Claire spun as fast as she could
- Eden "counting" or "singing" after hearing Claire
- Eden climbing on the bathroom stool to brush her teeth and climb up Claire's bedside stool to get up in bed with Claire
- Eden chasing Claire and yelling behind her until Claire turns around to yell and chase her. This will happen forever! As loud as it gets, I LOVE IT!

And here are two of the cutest videos! Actually, I uploaded these about three - four weeks ago and the first one has been viewed 139 times. I guess other people have enjoyed it too!

WHAT? 321 views without posting it on my blog? Is that weird?


Maggie said...

So beautiful, it makes me dream on how it will be when baby Irving learns from his sister Alina!
I hope Alina and Eden can meet someday to play together, maybe when I go back to San Antonio with my husband and children. I'll let you know when I am there, hope I can make that trip soon.

Clint, Amy and Kamryn said...

I love those video's! Those girls are two peas in a pod!