Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heart on her sleeve

Here is my sweet, sensitive Claire who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Those of you who know her know that she will cry at the drop of a hat - if she gets in trouble, if I correct her in any way, if someone laughs at her (for whatever reason), if she has to leave and doesn't want to, if she thinks she hurt someone or if someone hurts her or her feelings... the list goes on. (My mom likes to remind me that I was the same way) This drives me crazy at times but you know what? Along with this tearful part of my girl comes the sweetest heart you will find in a four year old. She might be ultra sensitive but she has the empathy that many don't ever posses. So I'll take the sensitivity if that means she will forever have her tender heart for others. It just makes me smile thinking about it. Here are a couple stories I want to remember:

-The picture above was taken this week while she was making cookies for all of our neighbors. I came hone and told her we were making cookies for our neighbors Larry, Sandy and Joanne as thanks yous for various things. With the biggest smile she yelled out to our other neighbor Lucy "We're making cookies for you! And for Peggy and Laura and Larry and Sandy and Joanne..." She wanted to make special cookies for everyone just because =) How could I say no to that? And her favorite part was knocking on the doors to deliver the brightly packaged cookies. Oh and having a cookie for herself! What a sweetie!

- Always kissing and hugging on Eden when she is upset or crying. She often gets swatted at when this happens because it's the most inopportune time according to Eden.

- The other day Claire asked to say the prayer after our bible time together. She said "Dear God, Thank you for the bible and for all my family and friends. Please keep baby brother safe wherever he is. And thank you for Jesus. Amen" Oh, melt a mama's heart!

- Looking out at a lady who was waiting for a bus and saying "Oh no mom! That lady doesn't have any food. We should go give her some." Always looking to help those in need.

- Picking up some trash in the HEB parking lot and saying "Mom, we need to take this because we aren't supposed to litter" and then put it in the car.

- Giving Aunt Linda a huge hug while she was sitting down at the dinner table. Linda asked "Who paid her to do that" but she had done it on her own accord. I LOVE the unsolicited hugs and kisses.

- When she says "Mom/Dad.... I have a present for you..." and she gives us a huge hug =) That's all the present I need.

- The other morning she told me "Mom, I want to get a bag and put toys in there to give to other kids." I gave her a bag and she went to work. When I looked in the bag she had some of her favorite toys in there including one of her favorite dolls and her new favorite star purse. Wow - convict my heart when I hold too tightly onto things. Just things! When I asked her "Are you sure about _______?" She would say "Yeah mom!" like I was crazy to even ask her. Thought this was coming out of no where but later I found out that daddy told a story the night before about a Care Bear who learned that it was better to give than to receive. They are always listening!

Gosh I LOVE this girl!

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