Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank you!

First of all, thank you to so many of you that have been so sweet and supportive about our adoption news! I'll be totally honest and say I was really nervous about posting and emailing everyone with our news. We didn't know but one family who has adopted internationally and we haven't gone through the process with anyone so this is a new experience for many of us. I didn't know how others would react. Well, I've been overwhelmed by your love and even more so with your genuine interest! I've gotten a TON of questions and God is really stirring some hearts out there. I'm also REALLY excited about bringing the awareness to the need for orphan care in Ethiopia =)

I'm going to be answering a lot of questions the next few weeks. We want to be as transparent as can be so that we can help others who have adoption and orphan care on the hearts. The first one was "Why Ethiopia?" and I hope that I helped answer that in my last post. The next one is "How did you choose your agency?" and I love this one because it took a lot of time, reading and praying to decide. We've also been asked our concern about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, how we are planning on paying for an adoption that is so costly, why the wait list for a boy is shorter than for a girl and I'm sure there are more to come! If you have a question, please ask away!

Right now we are waiting for Neil's doctor's documentation from his dermatologist in regards to his melanoma that he had almost 6 years ago. (that was a scary time in our first year of marriage) He had his appointment Friday and they said they'd get it done right away so we're hoping to see it tomorrow. Once we get it, we will fax it in with his personal statement in regards to his cancer, my personal statement in regards to some counseling I had back in 2001 and our financial worksheet. Hmmm...guess waiting for the mail to come is just the beginning of the waiting game. I know that God will be teaching us patience and to trust that HE is in control! And once again that His timing is perfect.

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