Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Easter Festivities

We had such fun this Easter season celebrating with our friends,church and family! Just a warning, this post is LONG! I included a lot in one post just to get it done =)

First, we had our annual lunch and egg hunt with our Northside family and the girls had a blast! I was a little concerned about Eden not knowing what to do but she was all about gathering as many eggs as she could! The girls wore their matching dresses from my Aunt Barbara and they looked beautiful!

Abbey and Claire giving hugs!

Leyna and Claire
The girl's with the Easter Bunny aka. Lauren - great job Lauren!
Eden was so excited to get going =)
She knew exactly what to do after we showed her once!
What a cutie!
Claire was so fast while hunting eggs that I couldn't get a good pic but I actually like this action shot!
Claire showed Eden that the eggs actually opened and had candy inside!
Our family of four!
Grandma and Grandpa came too! Mimi and Poppa were there to see the girls and the nephews hunt but I didn't get a good picture of them =(
My dad got cut off but I couldn't resist not posting this one!
Abbey, Claire and Leyna checking out their loot
Our next adventure was Wed. for playgroup. I planned for us to go to Brackenridge Park to ride the train and have a picnic lunch. We also had an egg hunt which the kiddos loved! In all we had 16 kids and 2 babies! I tried to make the connection of why we REALLY celebrate Easter which the older kiddos know but they were really distracted by the anticipation of the hunt =) I tried to get them to find the eggs with letters written on them which spelled out "Jesus is Alive!" Maybe next year we'll be a little more successful!

Kristin with Isaiah, Ethan, Ayden, Colby and Ellie. Vanessa and Atty in back!

Here are the Gibbins Boys - Lachlan, Reef, Jonas with Claire (shielding her eyes from the sun), Leyna and Eden. It got pretty hot and sunny out there!
Claire helped me make these special cupcakes with coconut grass!
Eden hanging out with Lachlan and Riley - Eden was too anxious to start her hunt so she grabbed her basket and started collecting rocks!
The kids waiting for the hunt to start!

Eden hunting again =)
Leyna found an A and Claire found an E
Trying to get a group shot after the hunt!
The day before Easter we dyed eggs but I don't have those pics right on hand =) Before bed, Claire and I made resurrection buns which we SO cool and will be a family tradition from now on. We rolled marshmallows up in crescent roll dough, rolled it in butter and then in cinnamon and sugar. Bake them and then wait till the morning to eat. When you wake up on East morning you read the story of the empty tomb, take a bite into your resurrection bun and it's now empty! The marshmallow disappears and leaves an empty tomb. Claire LOVED it and they tasted so yummy!

Claire found her hidden basket in the morning and found a few goodies. Her favorite was a bracelet!
Claire showing us her "Empty Tomb"
Claire helped Eden find her baasket
After church we went to Mimi and Poppa's house for lunch and an egg hunt. My mom and dad got these sweet dresses for the girls with matching shoes. Claire LOVES the full skirt and twirls around. And guess who else twirls? Eden! She just loves doing what sister does!
Eden and Poppa
Claire hunting
Eden hunting
Too cute! Posing with her special basket from Grandma. She gave Claire this basket on Claire's first Easter. My mom got it on HER first Easter so it's a pretty special basket =)
Sister's holding hands
The best picture I could get of all four cousins - Justin, Claire, Kyle and Eden

My mom and dad came to see the hunt but we didn't get a picture =( Darn! After naps we went to my parent's house for a traditional ham and potato dinner. Billy was there too and he helped Claire decorate an Easter Bunny cake that we had for dessert. Can you believe I didn't take any pics on my camera? I know my mom got some so I might have to sneak a few on here later!

Hope you all had a great Easter! What a glorious day to celebrate!

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Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Love your recap! I've been wanting to try the Resurrection rolls, so you have now convinced me to add that to next year's traditions:-)

Love, love, love the pink and orange dresses. My favorite color combination.

Looks like your playgroup egg hunt was a great success.