Friday, January 15, 2010

Officially Weaned

My baby girl is officially weaned - almost 14 months. This morning was such a memorable time together. Neil took Claire out to take Billy to work so it was just me and the girl. A quiet house (rare). She held so tightly to my shirt and got sleepy eyes even though she slept late. I'm feeling mixed emotions because as most of you have know, nursing hasn't been the easiest job in the world. With Eden not taking a bottle, I was pretty much it and that was really demanding. So I was ready to be done but today is a true marker of our baby growing up. I'm so blessed to have been able to share this special time with Eden for as long as I did. Tomorrow will be an interesting morning... we'll see how she reacts to Neil going in with her cup of milk instead of mommy.

On the note of growing up, she pretty much walked everywhere the past two days, started blowing kisses, getting her 4th tooth, putting the phone to her ear, putting bows and headbands to her head, getting curls in her hair and started saying "uh-oh" right before I put her to bed. Where does the time go?

A messy nose but the sweetest smile and bluest eyes =) - Excuse the mess on the table! I'm going through the next size and season of cloths from Claire's old stuff.


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Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Love the A&M jammies and the sweet girl in them!