Friday, January 22, 2010

Convos with Claire

A few light bulbs have gone off in Claire's head the past couple of weeks. I have two to share!

A couple weeks ago Claire was riding around with Billy and I and she saw someone smoking in the car next to us. This was the conversation:

Claire: "Mom, that lady's smoking. That's dangerous"
Me: "Yes, it is. It could make you sick."
Claire: "We should tell her mom!"
Me: "Oh honey... she already knows that she could get sick."
Claire: audible gasp - "What? She still does it? Why?"
Billy: "Sometimes people do things that they know are bad for them."

Claire was so confused by this. What a sweetie being so concerned for people. Just this week after just meeting a man, she randomly told him "I have to tell you something" which of course made me nervous because I didn't know what she was going to say! He asked "What?" and she said, "Smoking is bad for you." After finding out that he smokes himself, I was embarrassed but he quickly said "You know what? I think you were supposed to tell me that today because I've been trying to quite." Hopefully an almost 4 year old gave him something to think about! =)

The next convo was just this morning. We were on our way to drop her off at school and a song came on K-LOVE talking about someone coping with losing a loved one.

Claire: "Is this guy sad?"
Me: "Yes. He's singing about someone he loved that passed away."
Claire: "But they're in heaven?"
Me: "Yes. He's saying they are in heaven and he'll see them again soon."
Claire: "But Jesus is there! We shouldn't be sad."
Wow - she made me smile
Me: "That's right! We can be happy because they are with Jesus but it is still hard to say goodbye to someone you love."

Of course tonight before bed she was such a big girl and asked "Can we talk?" She asked to talk more about Jesus. Long story short she wanted to take her purse and turtle to heaven with her because she would miss them! I tried to explain that they were just things and we can't take anything to heaven with us. She wasn't too sure about this and was convinced that she would need them there because there aren't any toys in heaven =)

Tough things to realize and think of as a little girl but I'm so glad she is learning and asking questions. She's always wanted to know more and more and I pray she never stops asking questions and learning about everything around her.

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Dixie said...

I remember Isaac at that age stating that he didn't think he wanted to go to heaven because he didn't think God would have all the toys that he likes. I reassured him that of course God's toys would be much better than ours. And what I always say when they talk about heaven and being unsure about going one day is,'I will be there too. forever and ever. And I want you to be there." Somehow, I think it helps them to know that I am confident that I will be there with them and that it is good, because God is good.

Love these sweet faith building opportunities.