Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting back in the swing of things

Wow - this week has been incredibly taxing. It just hurts my heart to see my girls not feel well. Through it all I did enjoy my time to console and cuddle by sweet ones. I don't get to do it very often now that they are so on the go and ready to do this and that. A little down time at home was good for us all.

On that note, I'm so ready to be out and about! The weather is beautiful today and can't wait to get outside after the girl's followup appointments this afternoon. After Eden running super high fevers over the weekend she is getting back to her old self except for the nasty nose. I had to stay home yesterday from work again but got some one on one time with Eden because Claire could go to school! Yeah! Claire also had her first swim lesson today which was great for us to go out and feel human again. Here she is so excited and loving her new swimsuit which by the way, was really hard to find in January! (Old Navy)

And here are some pics from the past week at home.

I don't catch her in this position very often so we had to capture it. She looks so sweet all curled up and quiet! She does "quiet time" now and often falls asleep on her own accord. This has worked out great for us.
Pajama Day!!
Claire asked me to take this yesterday when she was on her way out to school!
My baby girl doing her treatment last night. We are weaning them off so Claire will only have one tonight and Eden is getting two today (they both started with 4 a day). She did better than I thought and I think she enjoys the sitting on our lap, cuddle time.
So sweet - Eden was "petting" Claire last night when Claire just had to be on daddy's lap too.
Hope you all are staying warm and well! We are out and about but still want to be careful not to catch anything else this season! I'm done with all the sickness!

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Anonymous said...

That picture with the nebulizer is so sad! Glad to hear that things seem to be leveling out...hope we can get together soon!