Saturday, January 23, 2010

Date Night

One of our biggest words of wisdom to new parents is to DATE, DATE, DATE!

So what do you get when you add cheap, greasy pizza....
with some old school video game playing?

A college date night =) Neil and I are very protective of our time together in the evenings and he had the best idea! Get out the old nintendo to play Super Mario Brothers and order in pizza. What a fun date night we had! I couldn't believe how many things we remembered - our extra men, mushrooms, flower power, warp zones, etc. And who beat it? My one and only! I got to level 8 on my first man but never quite got all the way =(

I know that a lot of us parents have a hard time getting out but you can have a date right at home! I challenge you all to have a date in or date out this week to spend time together. Rent a movie, eat some popcorn, play a video game or board game, pay someone an hour of babysitting to get some coffee or dessert somewhere or do a babysitting swap with friends so you can have a real night out (this is our favorite thanks to Stef and Joe David). All the planning will be worth it and you'll look forward to it all week long!

Happy Dating!


E.T.'s Mom said...

Great challenge! Sometimes we need a little reminder to be intentional about time together.

Anonymous said...

yup. you just keep dying on 8-2. i think if you had just allowed me to coach you more, you would have been just fine! ;)