Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It'll melt your heart

(Sickness update: Claire has RSV and an ear infection and Eden now has RSV too! It was pretty much inevitable she'd get it. So each girl gets 4 nebulizer treatments a day. Lots of time and way too much TV but you do what you gotta do!)

Wow... my girls have shown me such amazing displays of love for each other the past couple of days. It's overwhelming! How have we been so blessed by these two? Here you go... I'm telling you, it'll melt your heart =)

-While Claire was in the dr. office getting her first nebulizer treatment, I was sitting next to her with Eden on my lap. Eden leaned over and started stroking Claire's hair as if to tell her "It's all right".... it was the SWEETEST... and then, she leaned over more and gave her a few kisses on her head. I was teary.

-That night, we were really trying to keep Eden healthy so telling Claire to be careful not to cough on her or really be near her. She of course had a hard time and would ask "Can I just kiss her in the back of the head?" She just couldn't help herself =)

-The next day I told Claire we were going to have to take Eden to the doctor because I thought she was sick. Claire got all teary and with a cracked voice she said "I got her sick?" I hugged her so tight and we both cried. I told her it was ok and that it wasn't her fault. That sad face will forever be in my memory...

-Later that night we asked Claire "Why are you so sweet?" and she said with a shrug "I just love people, Mama." Whew... are we lucky or what?

So today was a pajama day and considering all that we were dealing with, we had a great day together! Here are some videos you don't want to miss. Eden's walking more everyday but you especially want to watch the Peek-a-boo video! It's my favorite!


Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Such sweet moments--I do love the peek-a-boo video, just adorable!

Clint, Amy and Kamryn said...

Those are priceless!