Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playgroup Egg Hunt

Jenny, Ayden and Colby had us over for playgroup the Wednesday before Easter and Jenny was so sweet to plan an egg hunt for the kids. They had a great time and really enjoyed finding the rubber duckies with their names on them. Claire is starting to read her name so she knew what duck was hers right away! Well, if she sees a word with a "C" in it then it's her name but she's learning =) Thanks Jenny for such a special time for everyone and the wonderful lunch!

Eden sleeping while the others played in the sand box. I love this picture! Thanks Tara for the sling - it's been great when I need my hands!

Twins! Lezlee bought Claire this sweet outfit for her birthday and we had to get a pic of the girls together.
Such sweet friends!
Claire finding her duck on the deck

Hunting for treasure

That's a candy smile!!

The girls checking it out!

The best group shot I think we've ever gotten!! 12 kiddos and 2 infants not in the picture!

What do you eat when you just got a basket full of candy? A cupcake of course!!

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