Thursday, April 16, 2009

Northside Egg Hunt

Our first Easter festivity was the annual egg hunt at church! Claire was SO excited to look for eggs this year and be with her friends. I was a little worried about her hunting in the 3 year old category since she just turned 3 last month but she definitely held her own and knew exactly what to do. As soon as she would pick one up, she'd shake it to hear what was in it! Eden of course spit up all over her beautiful dress that morning but thankfully I had a sleeper with a cute little bunny on it! We didn't get a good family picture but I'm getting used to the idea of it becoming rare. Here are some pics:

No problems visiting the Easter Bunny but she knew Lauren was in there! Maybe she'll actually work herself up to Santa this year

Best family photo we got! Too bad it was in the gym
Eden and I with Casey and Adam - They're only a week apart!
Leyna, Claire and Carly ready to hunt
On your mark, get set......

Ethan got the big egg again this year and was so sweet to give it to Claire. She wasn't so sure about it though because it filled her entire basket!! She got a bag full of goodies when we turned it in. Thanks Ethan!!
Carly, Claire, Ethan and Leyna
Showin off their loot

Daddy's with the kids - how sweet!
Mommies with the babies - Eden, Adam, Lily Kate and Isaiah

We tried to get a good pic of Leyna and Claire like last year but it was SOOO windy!

The girls!

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