Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Traditions

I love traditions of any kind and especially holiday traditions! Neil and I have created our own traditions but they definitely stem from our own childhood and family experiences. One of the biggest memories I have of Easter every year is dying Easter eggs. We would dye a couple dozen and each of us had one egg with our name on it with drawings of things that represented us. Neil and I have done this the past 2 years and Claire loves it too!! Claire got to tell me what to put on the eggs so she got a cat, a ball and a heart. I got a music note, cat and heart. Eden got a horse (I have no idea?!), a ball and I chose to draw a fan - her favorite! Neil got Big Bird - her feathery friend. It was a little messier this year which surprised us but it was worth it to watch her take part in something I remember so fondly as a kid. Eden seemed to enjoy herself too in her bumbo! She watched intently and gave us some smiles!

I already posted this but couldn't resist to post again! I love it when she smiles with her whole body! She's starting to stick her tongue out in pictures just like Claire did at about 5 months - silly girls!
Such care and concentration

Showing me her egg - well, kind of!
The crew
Pretty eggs ready for Easter!
We both did Easter baskets growing up and this is the first year I did one for Claire so of course I had to do one for Eden too. Claire's basket is 61 years old - it was my mom's basket and she gave it to Claire on her first Easter. How cool is that?! Anyway, we got them a few books and fun toys along with their special dyed egg. Claire got her Chicken egg with 3 Reeses' pieces in it and it just melted our hearts to watch her open it up and hand them out to us so we each got one! How sweet is that?! She gave us each a fingernail polish as well - that gift was a bit of a mistake but I now have them well hidden so they can't be used without supervision! What was I thinking?

We hid Claire's basket so that she had to find it when she woke up. When she gets a little older, we might do the egg hunt inside the house after you find your basket. That's what we always did at our house. Neil really loved Easter as a kid. As a matter of fact, when asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, he'd say "The Easter Bunny!" We didn't talk about the Easter bunny much because we've been really trying to teach her the real reason for Easter and we got her on video saying "Jesus is alive again!!" Music to my ears and a swell in my heart....

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Anonymous said...

What special memories your girls will have...He is alive again! The eggs are signs of new life and next year we get the "resurrection eggs" w/ more about Jesus! You are blessed! Lov, Mom