Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eden's 3 month pictures are here!

With a busy weekend, one sick kiddo and getting ready for a big party this weekend, I've fallen SO behind! I have a few posts about Fiesta stuff and Abbey's birthday but I'll have to get to those later. Claire is still sick today but I think feeling better. Thank God my bug was just a 24 hour one. Mommies can't call in sick but thank God I have a Daddy in the house who takes such good care of us!

I couldn't wait to get this link up to share some BEAUTIFUL pictures of Eden! We got these taken back at the beginning of March and got the link this week. Jennifer Denton did a great job and I don't know how we are going to choose! It's amazing how much larger I can look from one angle to another so that will help. I really love the ones of the three of us at the end. Check them out (use the arrows at the bottom because the thumbnails aren't working)

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Aubrey said...

These are all good. I don't know how you are going to choose.