Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Day

OK - one of the longest days but one of the best!! We started with our celebration at church but we were, of course, 15 minutes late - trying to get girls all dressed up and take pictures before church is a little tricky to time! After church, it was off to Neil's parent's house for a cook out and egg hunt with the cousins. Then it was quickly off to the house for Claire and Neil to take naps while Eden and I headed over to my parent's house to help with dinner and visit. We had a great time catching up with Mike and Heather and spending some more quality time with Great Grandma Ann. One more egg hunt, a table full of china, tummies full of ham, many photos later and it was back home to crash!

Everything was wonderful but my favorite memory from this year was having Claire tell me the pieces of the Easter story.... without being prompted!! She told us on the way back from church: "tomb was empty and the ladies were surprised" and in the morning she told me "Jesus is alive again!" I really love seeing God work in my little girl's heart! It is such a blessing to see her learn about Him and our prayer is that she will love Him with all her soul and mind showing others God's love through her.

I had a TON of pictures to put on here but tried to choose my favorites.... here goes a picture frenzy!

Trying to get a good one of both girls is tricky!

At church after class

Claire and Mimi after the egg hunt
Cousins - Kyle, Justin and Claire (Eden was sleeping intside but will be there next year!)

Success!! A Chocolate smile
Mimi and Poppa laughing with Eden

Mike and Heather
The annual holiday table picture
Four generations
And yet another egg hunt!
I love you Grandma!

Proud Great Grandma with her girls!

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proud parents said...

You got some really great pictures! I love the girls in their Easter dresses. So sweet!! I can't believe how big they are both getting. BTW, we're going to be in town next week (Wednesday-Sunday). Maybe we can try to get together.