Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, today was a many of firsts for our household! Neil had his first day back with students in his new chair position, I had my first day back to work to recruit students and get my schedule going and Claire had her first day of MDO! We had a great day and when we asked Claire where she wanted to go for dinner she requested her favorite food "taco". So it was off to Taco Cabana to celebrate!

Claire will be going to MDO on Mondays while I'm at work. I can't believe how great she this morning! When I dropped her off she ran straight to the toys the teacher was playing with on the ground and didn't look back. She did manage to give me a quick kiss before I slipped out the door but it didn't seem to phase her whatsoever. I'm so glad because it made it that much easier to leave her knowing she was comfortable and excited to be there! This is a new MDO program for her that is super close to home and she only has 5 kids in her class. Neil will be dropping her off and picking her up so it's convenient for him as well.

Here is Claire on her first day last year - Oct. 2007
And here is Claire this morning!! They change so fast!
This is my favorite - look at that foot posing!
After school, she couldn't wait to tell us about how Ms. Irma rubbed her back for nap time (she spoiled her!), how she went potty herself and she made friends with a Sarah and we think it was Yvonne? She said there were only girls in there but I know there was at least one little boy. When I asked if Trevor was a boy she said "no - a girl" - kinda funny! Here she is posing with her at home "friends" before dinner. She requested to take this picture!

Oh, you are growing up SO fast Claire Elise!! Almost 2 1/2 - where has the time gone?

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first time for everything, I want to tke her panties off and be her first