Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring is here

I LOVE Spring Break and spring is here!! We spent a lot of time outside enjoying our spring days before it turns into summer heat. I really loved looking back at our pictures from the week as we all enjoyed each other more by slowing down, not running around like crazy and just taking it a day at a time.

 We love the park and Claire is learning how to ride without training wheels. We don't live on a street that is conducive to riding so we only get out when we go to my parents or to the park. She picked it up fast and stayed up by herself for about 8 seconds!! It was a joy to see her listen to Neil's coaching and trust him to help steady her with his hand on her seat. I remember my big brother teaching me how to ride my bike and how special of a memory it was to anticipate going out and the feeling of accomplishment when I finally got it! Eden is more than excited for Claire to learn so she can get Claire's bike as she will graduates to her bigger bike she got for her birthday =)

My sweet curly-Q

This guy loves the park too!!

Tickling, rolling down the hill, laughing...this is what sister memories are made of

Friday we had a special trip down to ride the train by the zoo. It was a beautiful day and we really stretched it out by then feeding the ducks, walking through the Japanese Tea Garden, getting a snow cone and making a trip to St. P.J.'s to drop off all the donations from Claire's party. My camera battery died so we didn't capture it all but sometimes it's nice to just put the camera down, enjoy the moment as it happens and tuck it away as a memory.
Halif's first time on a train...he wasn't too sure about it...

But he warmed up and had a great time towards the end =)

My sweet girl at St. P.J.'s - she was so sad (to tears) that she didn't get to see the kids so we are planning a trip to volunteer down there together. She is so excited to do this again next year!
I get really spoiled during Spring Break with Neil home all week! I love being married to a teacher so we can spend our holidays together. What a blessing it is to have a husband and father who is always lovingly present, active and engaging during his time with us!


Catherine Besk said...

Aaaah! Spring break! Looks like it was wonderful. Your husband on the your daughter's bike is the best!

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