Friday, March 8, 2013


I can't believe my baby is 7 years old!! She was more excited this year than ever before which made it really fun =) We gave her a sketch book she had been asking for from Hobby Lobby and we surprised her with with her sequin hat that she had been eyeing since January. So fun to keep a secret that long just too see the reaction when someone realizes you remembered they really wanted something!
We went to eat at her favorite restaurant, Mela, which is an Indian restaurant we only go to with groupons! She really loves the naan there but most of all, she loves the chandeliers =) It's a fancy restaurant to her and she always feels special when we go. It was a great pick and we were so glad to share it with grandma, Mimi & Poppa!
                                                           Drawing in her sketch book

Grandma got her a baby carrier which I just LOVE! She saw one in a catalog a few weeks ago and gasped when she said "Mom, I would love one of these!" So sweet that my 7 year old sweetheart still loves to play little mommy to her dolls and I especially love that she wants to wear her babies just like I wear Halif. Makes me hold onto my big girl still being my baby girl in so many ways... although she'll always be my baby!
                                                 Happy Birthday Claire Bear! We love you!

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